Why do certain hair salons massage your head during shampooing?

Are they doing it because it feels good or because it is good for the hair, do you need to know certain head massaging techniques to avoid hair damage?

Well! Head massage is combination of different hand strokes, pressure points and the right position. There are numerous benefits of receiving a head massage as it helps the client relax the muscles of the head, shoulders, neck and back.

It promotes circulation in the scalp which helps keep the blood flowing to the hair follicles and this promotes hair growth, keeps the oils and nutrients in healthy supply.

 During a shampoo is a perfect time to massage the scalp. Just remember to keep the finger motions limited so that you don't generate tangles or matting (especially in curly or kinky hair types).

 Scalp massage is highly beneficial and at Hairmatters we are pampering our clients with an enjoyable shampooing experience, various scalp treatments and paying a lot of attention to scalp conditions in general. We have on offer- Express treatments, Philip KingsleyElasticizer, Stimulating and Exfoliating scalp masks followed by head massage.