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What sort of wigs are most suitable for Chemotherapy patients?

“There are studies that show that for many women, losing their hair is worse than losing a breast. That’s because you can conceal the loss of a breast, but hair loss is so obvious and apparent.”

– Marisa Weiss, M.D., president and founder,

Not all types of Chemotherapy, lead to complete hair loss, the consultant involved will usually inform the patient of what to expect before the treatment starts. If hair loss is likely, it is a good idea to visit a wig consultant to see what options are available and possibly obtain a wig so the patient can feel more prepared. Hair loss from Chemotherapy is termed Anagen Effluvium and generally once the treatment has stopped the hair starts to return back to health. Sometimes the hair grows back curly or white, after a few months   the hair usually returns back to normal and its just a matter of time for the hair to grow back to the length to the original style.

During the chemotherapy treatment the scalp can sometimes become sensitive to various products. A fragrance/colour free shampoo and conditioner is advisable there is a product available through the clinic.
As the hair comes back to health, it is good practice not to colour too soon and to look after the hair and scalp with conditioning treatments.

Broadly speaking there are two types of wigs to look at. Human hair and High quality man made fibre wigs, generally the latter is most appropriate here although there are exceptions .

The high quality man made fibre wigs are a lot easier to look after, there are great ranges of modern styles and fashionable colours to choose from, this would be my first choice.

Human hair wigs take a lot more looking after, are more expensive and the process of obtaining the right wig requires more time and visits to the salon, which when a person may feel unwell isn’t always the best option.

However some clients take a great deal of pleasure in looking after their own hair and are prepared to spend  the time and patience on the wig. Clients that have very blonde hair, a completely natural colour or long hair may also consider this option. These are areas where the synthetic wigs are not quite as good and it could be worth the extra investment to get the right result depending on the individual client.

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