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part 1 - some initial thoughts on wigs

I’m fast approaching my mid 50’s (a little too fast for comfort) and I have a lot to feel thankful for - I have a good set of (my own) teeth, I don’t need reading glasses and I can squeeze into a size 8 - just. I am blessed to have good physical health and as for my mind, well that got stuck somewhere in its 30’s but that’s no bad thing. But something isn’t quite right or at least not as it was, and many women of my age would agree - it’s the hair. It changes, it dries out, it DROPS out, it gets finer and here’s the sting, it doesn’t show any signs of staging a comeback. Lucky I had more than enough to start with then.

I also feel extremely lucky that during a ‘hiatus’ with hairdressers and desperate to find one I could bond with I found Richard Hall at Hair Matters. Not only is he the best hairdresser I have ever had (and I’ve been through a few) he is also a trichologist (offering consultations for hair growth problems, many of which can be solved) and a wig fitter as well. He was exactly the kind of hair dresser I was looking for, so for the moment although it feels as though my hair is getting thinner, with a great short haircut, a colour from Georgina and advice on the right products (as well as how to use them - essential) my hair looks pretty ok. But sometimes….well I just miss my old mop, the one I never cared about and took for granted, the one I could easily wash and leave to its own devices - goodness how times have changed.

Anyway before I start reminiscing too much, onto the wig thing. During my regular hair appointments Richard and I often chat about wigs as it’s part of his line of work and I started to develop a real interest. (Just to note, readers, that he has never once even hinted that I actually need one because the truth is I don’t - yet). Could a wig be the perfect solution to a bad hair day? Short of time or want an instant new look? Pop on a wig. Going on holiday? Why take all that hair paraphernalia with you when you could just 'wig and go’. Our Afro-Caribbean sisters embrace wig wearing as we do putting on make up so why is there still a stigma attached to wigs? Richard assures me that this is changing and more women are turning to wig wearing for all the aforementioned reasons so could wearing one occasionally be the confidence booster I was looking for? I am so keen I have wig 'fantasies’ and yet ….I just don’t feel quite ready to take the plunge.

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