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part 2 - my first experience with wigs

Its December and I’ve gone to see Richard and Georgina for my pre Christmas cut and colour. I arrive at the salon feeling pretty rubbish about my hair but 90 minutes later I feel transformed. As always, for now I feel like a million dollars. I know it’s an unrealistic expectation but sometimes I just wish I could feel like this more of the time. A little voice in my head is saying ‘well maybe with a wig you could’. Richard and I have our usual chat about tai chi, yoga, holidays and…as usual..wigs….He KNOWS I am keen, I’ve dropped enough hints, but I’m nervous about taking the plunge. As we settle up, 'how about about it?’ he asks - I know exactly what he means and that’s all the encouragement I need.
So fast forward to the first week of January, and I arrive at the salon for my initial wig appointment. I feel a little nervous and slightly embarrassed but the session is held in the salon’s private consultation room which helps . I’m having a reasonably good hair day so why would I even be thinking about a wig? But I know Richard understands so I quickly relax. He measures my head and we look at wig catalogues. I’m thinking something exactly like my own hair, very short and dark brown. Richard is suggesting something a touch longer and a slightly lighter shade but he can order in a small selection to try on. I trust his judgment - he always gets it right with my real hair.
The wigs arrive within a couple of days so my next appointment (trying on, no obligation to buy) is in the salon itself but I’m booked in when there’s no other clients there (I’m not quite ready to come out yet.) We try on three. The first feels like a bush on my head - there’s almost a bit too much hair but I agree it’s quite nice to look at. The third is my own colour, but the style is a bit too flat on top and I don’t want to be messing around with products, I’m trying to leave all that behind. The middle one I know instinctively is THE ONE. Yes it does feel a bit odd but I’m pleasantly surprised at how natural looking it is even though its synthetic. OK so it’s a bit longer and lighter in shade but its not unlike a style I used to have and looking in the mirror I look…well… just like me. (Richard’s verdict is 'amazing’ - I’m not quite ready to go that far yet). If anyone hadn’t seen me for a while they would simply think I’d just had my hair 'done’. We discuss how to put it on, how to look after it, the pro’s and con’s of wig caps and Richard gives it a little trim to personalise it.

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