These are reviews by Hairmatters clients, taken from the web site Mylocalsalon,a kind of trip adviser for Hairdressing salons.


Richard and his team always deliver excellence with charm and intelligence all of these factors are what have taken me back to Hairmatters.

Richard's detail in the cutting of hair (whether it be fine or extra thick, like mine) is second to none. The members of the team are great & the salon is a great relaxed & bright setting to relax & enjoy your time there. A must visit salon.

 I found Richard very easy to talk to as well as extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The whole experience was friendly and professional and the cut was excellent.


 This is such a friendly and yet very professional salon. Time spent here is definitely pampering time and the staff are delightful and extremely helpful. Their ideas have revolutionised my look and for the better. It is pricey, but for a spoil yourself session this is the place to be!

A very friendly salon which offers professional advice, top service and also keeps abreast of new products, so you can have and keep the hairstyle you want!

A wonderful experience, the best cut I have had in years. I live in Cambridge and therefore unlikely to recommend Hair Matters to family and friends, however I do unreservedly to anyone in the Chester area.

I enjoy my visits to the salon and always feel its good value.

One of our clients wrote this piece after deciding to get a short hair cut-

To crop or not? 

Many women (of a certain age) go through a dilemma when thinking about whether to go for an ultra short hairstyle. The temptation is there for many reasons but the confidence to do it is often lacking. However with the right advice and a great hairdresser (ie Richard Hall at Hair Matters!) I feel certain that once you take the plunge there will be no looking back. 

When women reach 'middle age' many will agree that their hair changes – it loses volume, the texture changes and those with curly/wavey hair often find these features sadly disappear. Longer time is spent trying to achieve the look we've always had but it becomes increasingly difficult. We end up feeling a bit frumpy and lose confidence about how we look. To many women this isn't about vanity but more about self esteem and let's face it we all feel better after a trip to the salon. So this is where the short hair style comes in! Think Judy Dench, Jamie Lee Curtis or Annie Lennox – these are 3(more mature) ladies who spring to mind who look absolutely fabulous with a pixie cut. There may be a fear of looking masculine but I think you will agree that these women look feminine, stylish and gorgeous. 

Short hair often gives the feel of more texture and volume and adding a bit of colour and foils (by Georgina) can really add extra interest. If you wash your hair every day it takes about 15 minutes of drying and styling to get a look that really is the 'just come out of the salon' look - a bit of a blast with the dryer, a bit of a ruffle and some texturizer product by Phillip Kingsley and you're good to go in a fraction of the time than with a longer hair style. No more tongs, no more straighteners – just a lovely looking style with minimal effort....every day. 

So what are you waiting for? When I reached my fifties I still felt about thirty and wanted a hairstyle to match my mental age – I wanted to look funky not frumpy and Richard and Georgina get it right every time, highly recommended!