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Salon Opening Times.

Day                        Open                    Close

Monday                  Closed.

Tuesday                  9.00am                 5.30pm.

Wednesday             9.00am                5.30pm.

Thursday                10.00                    5.30pm.

Friday                     9.00am                5.30pm.

Saturday                 9.00am                5.00pm.

Sunday                   Closed.

Salon Holidays 2018

EasterApril,30th - 3rd May

May, 8th -12th, 29th may 1 day

August, 14th – 18th , 28th August 1day 

September ,25th – 29th 

Christmas,December, 25th -1st Jan 

What is the secret to getting the best from your hairdresser ?

“I realise I am just a slave to thee arteest! but……”

(Quote Liz Reid.)

Once you have found a hairdresser skilled in the arts of consultation and hairdressing, It may be surprising to learn that the client still has a roll to play, in order to leave the salon with the best hairdo in town!

Make an appointment, arrive on time, if you are a new client, visit the salon for a consultation in advance, you may need a skin sensitivity test 48 hours before a colour and if you have agreed upon a result with the hairdresser they can schedule the right amount of time and resources needed for your visit.

Have realistic expectations, bringing pictures with you is a good idea, its gives the hairdresser a lot of information, remember we are working with your hair and it does have limitations.

If you already have an idea for a hairstyle, be prepared to listen to the hairdressers input, if you don’t and are looking for advice, listen to the hairdressers input, then make a decision on a look and see it through, don’t change your mind half way through, asking for your hair to be a little shorter can mean the whole cut to be done again.

Don’t suffer in silence, If you don’t want to talk, the back wash is uncomfortable, the hairdryer too hot! let us know, we want to do something about it.

Do check out a few salons, go on recommendation of a friend, go for a consultation with the hairdresser, see if your personalities, their ideas about fashion and skills are compatible.  

If you come to the salon on a regular basis, you can give us feedback, which allows us to develop and personalise a style for you. Any issues  you are having are more easily resolved when we have a clearer frame of reference. Hair grows about half an inch per month, 6 to 8 weeks between hair cuts is a good averaged, most colours will need some maintenance at this time.

Don’t wash your hair on the day of a colour, wear a polo neck, put your head down when under the heat lamps or distract the hairdresser whilst they are concentrating on being creative.

Listen to the stylists recommendations about home hair care, correct shampoo, conditioner, treatments and styling products. Ask questions if you are not sure about styling your hair, the hairdresser will probably have some tips because they know, the better your hair looks the more likely people will compliment your hair and enquire as to where you had it done.

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