Hair Diet

Ever wondered what foods make up the perfect hair diet to keep your hair looking healthy? We’ve looked at some foods you should eat that are best for your hair.

The Perfect Breakfast. ( Most important)

Any fresh fruit (which does not include juices), plus: One or a combination of: eggs, a normal serving of bacon or ham, kippers, smoked salmon (or any other fish or meat) minimum 6oz (180g) low fat cottage cheese. Added options: cereals, yoghurt, bread, any jam or honey, juices, tea, coffee, sugar.

The Perfect Lunch (Second most important)

Mixed raw salad, grilled vegetables or soup followed by a minimum of 4 to 5 ounces (120g) of any meat, fish, eggs, poultry or 6oz of low fat cottage cheese, with any vegetables of choice, including potatoes. For desert anything you like, preferably something with fruit.

The Perfect Dinner (?)

As this is the least important hair meal, you can indulge yourself with anything you fancy.

Daily must do’s:

Drink 1.5ltr of water, not too much salt or high fat content foods although you can indulge yourself, no black tea. Why no black tea you may wonder? There is evidence that drinking tea without milk can sometimes increase the likelihood of anemia. Not adding milk leaves the tannin in the tea free to bind iron to it, therefore reducing iron storage.

A well balanced nutritional supplement containing essential vitamins and minerals is also recommended. You can eat bread preferably whole meal, butter or butter spreads; use any salad dressing and anything else that may take your fancy.

   You will agree it is not a difficult program to follow, deliberately so, it’s high in protein and although some carbohydrates are necessary you can limit them according to you weight requirements. Similarly, cakes, ice cream and pastries are not banned either. It may also surprise you to known alcohol is not forbidden, although if taken to excess can reduce the results you are getting from the effort you are putting in to eating a diet to improve hair health.

The livers storage of glucose lasts for about four hours and research indicates that the amount of energy available to non essential tissue, such as hair follicles, diminishes after this time. Proteins are absorbed slowly, carbohydrates faster. Whatever you eat at breakfast or lunch should be supplemented by a snack of fruit, vegetables or bread, in that order, after four hours between meals. I can further assure you that you will feel better and your skin will also improve.

 Ref Philip Kingsley, The Hair Bible.  


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