Which hair cuts, styles work best for fine hair?

Which hair cuts, styles work best for fine hair?

When hair is fine, short or mid-length styles tend to work best but really it depends on an individuals face shape, hair texture, styling ability and life style.There are basically 3 ways to cut hair, one length, graduated, layered/texturing. All these methods can be used to cut fine hair with great effect.

One Length

This means that all the hair is cut to the same length, to the length of the outline, the shape could be a Classic Bob, Pageboy, following the hairline etc, the strength of this effect is that the hair will be as thick as it can be, with no layers, this tends to favour the longer /mid length style. The hair will need to be blow dried and lifted at the root or could be curled with a styling wand. One length styles, if straight offer a smooth surface which reflects the light well and so can be very shiny. A single tone colour, brunette for example can look really glossy.


This means a significant amount of the haircut will be the same length but then there will be a taper to the outline, this creates a build up of weight and so can make the hair look fuller, a wedge cut for example. If the one length area is lighter in colour and the tapered graduated part is darker this will add to the look of more volume .


This is used mainly on shorter hair styles, instead of the hair being one length the haircut involves different lengths or layers. When the hair is layered it is easier to make the hair stand up to give more volume, texture. If this is done on longer hair it can weaken the outline, although if by doing this the hair flicks out, this can create the look of more fullness, layering can add more texture to hair to make it look thicker with more density .

In deciding, which is the best approach for you, the hairstyle which makes the hair look stronger and suits you face shape would be the one to choose. Some face shapes need height on top to improve their perceived appearance, it would be easier to achieve this with layers rather than one length hair. Some people don’t suit fringes so the top layer needs to be reasonably long to accommodate this, may be the style could be graduated to create more fullness at its edge. Longer faces suit styles which are flatter on top and some width around the jaw line, a one length Bob would be perfect for this.

Of course the way the hair is dried or styled can have a significant impact, so its is as well to decide on a style that you can manage your self at home with the correct products and styling equipment. Root lift ,curl and texture all add volume. Some styles can be washed everyday and quickly styled, others washed less often with more time taken on the styling.

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