Covid-19 Update

Coved-19 Update 27/5/20 We are hoping to reopen on Saturday 4th July As yet the government has not issued us with any guide lines. We are expecting PPE, Social distancing measures etc, which we can prepare for.  There may also be restrictions on appointment times and the services we can offer, which makes it difficult […]

What does a trichologist do?

What does a trichologist do?   It is sometimes said that hair is the barometer of health. Hair can certainly be a reflection of an individuals lifestyle, indicating the stress, tensions and variations in the body’s systems.  You may consider that a scalp or hair condition is something that you would not wish to trouble […]

What is Trichology?

What is Trichology? “A hair in the head is worth two in the brush” I am often asked what Trichology is? My reply is usually the study ,diagnosis and treatment of hair and scalp disorders, although it also covers hair in health and how we can maintain our hair in good condition. At Chester Hair […]

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