What are the best volumizing products for fine hair?

What are the best volumizing products for fine hair?

There are many different of brands and types of hair care products. The brand I use is called Philip Kingsley. I use them because their products are termed a treatment range based on hair texture, so whatever hair type I encounter from fine to thick I can find a product within the range to suit. Philip Kingsley has a particularly good range of volumizing products. Their approach is foundational, it’s not one product that is marketed as the “be all” for fine limp hair. It starts with how the hair is cleansed and finishes with styling and nutritional recommendations, while taking in to account the condition and type of hair. I will factor this into my recommendations-

Shampoo and Conditioner 

Non chemically treated, up to shoulder length hair, Body Building Shampoo and Conditioner.

Chemically treated, up to shoulder length hair, Body Building Shampoo and Moisture Balance Conditioner.

Chemically treated and non chemically treated that are of longer length, Moisture Balance Shampoo and Bodybuilding Conditioner.

Conditioning treatment

Most conditioning treatments are applied after shampooing the hair and are designed to leave a coating. The problem is that on finer hair types this can weigh the hair down. PK Elastresizer is a pre shampoo treatment, so any excess product is washed away, leaving the newly strengthened hair with body and volume.

Pre Styling Treatment 

Tricho Pro. This applied after the hair is towel dried, it is protein based and will thicken each hair strand without any product build up.

Styling Product

Root area, Maximizer

Length and ends, 

if you don’t want to do too much styling ,Volumizing Styling Froth.

If you are Happy to do more styling, Plumping Cream.

Finishing Spray 

Finishing Touch, holds well and is light.


Clearly the best way to get nutrition for your hair is from a healthy, varied, balanced diet but sometimes due to our busy stressful lives this is not possible or not what happens anyway .

If you are someone who struggles to eat breakfast in the morning, which is the best time for the hair follicle to take up protein, I would recommend PK4 which is a soya based protein. The hair is basically made of protein ( Keratin) so if this is lacking, it could be undermining your efforts.

If your diet contains a lot of processed food Trico Complex would be the supplement for you as it really contains the vast majority of nutrients for healthy hair growth.If you are particularly concerned about a deficiency, this would be an opportunity to visit a Trichologist as they may be able to interpret blood tests for you.

Ultimately the only real way to determine if a product suits your needs, is to try it. At Hairmatters we use and sell all the products mentioned above. If you would like to book a consultation where we can analyse your hair and make specific recommendations feel free to book an appointment. The way products are used is another important aspect of the effectiveness of volumizing products, we can show you how to do this relative to your own hair texture.


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