Lock down, What if it was a gift?

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Lock down, What if it was a gift?

Could you turn not being able to get to the salon to your advantage.

Each day in Hairdressing salons clients will ask about growing out their hair colour or at least moving to a lower maintenance way to cover grey. We discuss all the benefits of the change and how one can transition to the other, which I have detailed in other blogs. What I find is that it is always the first step that is the hardest for the client to take. However cleverly we work together to manage the transition. It is difficult to make any significant change without an in-between stage which is just not as elegant or fashionable as the original colour.

The more of a regrowth I am confronted with the more opportunity  I have to create a better effect. The closer to the new colour will be able to be achieved.  This is where the Covid-19 comes in. Very few people have been able to visit the salon for at least two months and it could yet be three or four. I am already receiving countless emails from clients wanting to be my first colour client when we are released back into Salons.

How about you pause for a moment and think, could this be the opportunity to make that change. Present your hairdresser with a large regrowth that they can work with. Reduce to a partial colour and then may be on to completely natural hair colour . Your scalp and hair condition will appreciate it and if the tone doesn’t quite work, a simple low maintenance colour can add tone and texture.

I also speak to clients considering growing out their fringe, we try but pretty quickly we encounter the phase where the hair gets in the way and just can’t be styled. Often at the next appointment the scissors come out. Has your fringe grown past that awkward stage. Is now the time to add little graduation to soften the ends of your fringe allowing it to brush back blending in with the rest of you style, while you continue growing out your fringe. When grown out it won’t need cutting in-between salon visits, tamed forever. Clients who have a strong movement at front hair line or a wider face shape should definitely look at this option because the movement will hold hair back and the diagonal  line the long fringe creates when it falls across the forehead, reduces the perceived appearance of width in the face shape. 

There is talk about us returning to a new normal, will a natural (ish) hair colour and an easy maintenance longer hair style be the new normal for you?

Hairdressing salons are doing all they can to open safely and offer appointments again, it’s up to you to decide what to do with your regrowth and long fringe. Will it be same again or brave new world, when you return to the hairdressers?

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